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About Schemathics

Schemathics Builders is a subsidiary of Schemathics, a team fully dedicated to producing high-quality leads in home improvement and general construction jobs across the United States. We are a boutique service that provides you with a dedicated account manager to have a full focus on your business. We believe that keeping you happy is as important as keeping your customers happy and that’s why we’re successful in the complex field of digital advertising for home improvement.

Our Work Process

Schemathics builders generates high quality live leads through various digital marketing channels. We send you the leads to your email that you provide on your pro account of people that are looking to carry out projects in your area Schedule a call with one of our account managers in order to plan a marketing budget and help maximize the ROI on your leads.

All Leads must meet the basic qualifications you need in order to close the deal. Otherwise you don't pay.

Step 1

A homeowner requests to connect with you.

Step 2

Our system automatically sends you the contact details of the lead – including all the information you require to close the deal.

Step 3

Your sales team calls the customer and schedules a meeting in order to close the deal and create revenue for your company.

Step 1

Your customer will search for the topic of his interest online. We will Recognize him according to specific keywords and interests.

Step 2

The customer will see a small advertisement with your details.Your customer will be redirected to a customized landing page talking about the service he is looking for

Step 1

Your customer will have the option to read more information and be directed to another landing page talking about your brand . Your customer will then submit his contact information and answer basic questions that we will lay out in advance or him/her.

How Do We Generate Customers?

Your leads will only come from highly targeted organic and paid advertising channels. The advertisments will only be seen by a relevant target audience.


Why Work With Schemathics Builders?

You’re not going to get better leads anywhere else! But yea.. There are some more reasons too!

We give you full control over the preferences and filters that you want when choosing potential leads.

You’re in charge of the budget – we grow at your pace – stop buying at any time if you need to catch up on your ROI!

We let you know what works for other companies.

We do all the design for you and provide you with dedicated and original content, photographs and marketing advice retro fitted for your brand.

What Our Contractors Are Saying


Our leads are very high quality as they have to meet certain criteria in order to be able to be considered as an applicable lead to what you want. The lead has to meet the criteria that you request.

We have a lot of partners on our site that have given us very positive feedback. You will speak to one of our marketing managers and build a plan that is targeted and specified to meet your ROI goals

We can’t be liable for “bad leads” however we can be liable for the leads that you did not request to purchase. I.E. if you are a contractor in North Hollywood – you will not pay for a lead from Sacramento.

You should expect homeowners that are able to pay for and have the capacity or the need for the projects that your company can carry out. We do not provide leads that are already closed, your salespeople will have to reach out to the homeowners, meet them and close the deal with them – we will bring you to the point of meeting with them.

Absolutely. If you don’t have previous examples of your work or any content on your website then we can definitely help you with that. Please speak with one of our marketing managers for more information on this subject specified to your business.

PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

No. We do not accept post payments. However until now we have not had a contractor that hasn’t closed a deal. So don’t worry about it, you should be ROI positive with us very soon.

It really depends on your sales people and the project. ADU’s are hardest to close, however HVAC’s you should be able to close on a very high conversion rate. Talk to one of our marketing managers to get some more information onw hat to expect in terms of how many leads you need in order to close.

You can request to have exclusive leads which are not resold under any condition.

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